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Plastic Surgery in Salt Lake City, UTIf you’ve been thinking about seeking out professional ways to improve your appearance, you’re not alone. Along with diet and exercise, surgical solutions are a big part of how we achieve fresher and more youthful looks. And as the economy continues to grow, people are deciding to invest in enhancing their features. They’re also making smart choices – looking for simple, effective and more affordable methods that give them the most bang for their buck.

Certain procedures are growing in popularity because they can really deliver. Here are a few trends that may (or may not) surprise you.

Nonsurgical treatments are plentiful and more popular than ever
Lots of non- and minimally-invasive methods are available to today’s patients, and are often the solution of choice, especially when someone is not ready to opt for surgery. That means fillers, Botox, spider vein injections, fat transfer, heat and laser treatments continue to grow as popular nonsurgical procedures.

Men are getting in on the action
Cosmetic surgery simply isn’t for women only anymore. Men are consulting with plastic surgeons in record numbers, seeking many of the same procedures that women have been enjoying for years. Men are using facial fillers, having laser hair removal and liposuction, among other procedures. And they’ve helped coin a new word, “Brotox,” as their enthusiasm for treating fine lines and reduce the appearance of aging has grown. As cosmetic treatments for males have become more “acceptable,” men of every shape, age and variety are seeking them out.

Neck lifts are the new facelifts
Used to be neck lifts were thought of as part of a surgical facelift procedure. But as we’ve begun to improve the quality of our facial appearance with non-surgical efforts, we can see how much our neck affects our appearance. In this popular surgery, neck fat is removed through liposuction and excess skin is lifted and tightened. Patients report that their neck lifts help improve the overall appearance of the face in ways they hadn’t expected.

Subtlety matters
Part of the success of non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures is their ability to produce subtle aesthetic results. For many of our patients, that is exactly what they want – and all they need.

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