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Dysport® is an alternative to Botox® treatments, but many are unaware of the benefits it may have over Botox® in their situation. Envision Plastic Surgery is here to help you navigate these and other treatments, and we offer our expertise to the men and women living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What is Dysport®?

Dysport® is an injectable treatment that is very similar to Botox®. Like Botox®, Dysport® is composed of the botulinum toxin, an ingredient that relaxes facial muscles by carefully blocking nerve signals in the treatment area. Dysport® can be used to address frown lines or related wrinkles around the eyebrows and forehead region. In terms of its relationship to Botox®, while treatments are very similar, Dysport® offers a faster onset time and may be a preferable treatment when addressing wrinkles that are more widespread.

How Much Does Dysport® Cost?

The cost of Dysport® at Envision Cosmetic Surgery will vary depending on your treatment goals and the amount of Dysport® needed to fulfill those goals. We encourage all interested patients to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dunkley, so that you can discuss your needs and determine the treatment plan that is right for you. At this point, we will be able to provide you with the exact cost of your treatment. In an effort to make our services more affordable and accessible, we are proud to offer a variety of financing options to our patients.

Dysport® in Salt Lake City, UT

What Happens During the Dysport® Treatment?

The Dysport® procedure is quick and tolerable. First, the treatment area will be numbed to prepare it for injections. Then, the Dysport® formula will be injected into and around the desired treatment area. You may feel a pinch or a prick during this process, but most patients handle this process without an issue. Once the injections are performed, your treatment is complete! The full Dysport® treatment takes less than 30 minutes to administer, making it a perfect treatment option for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

What is Recovery Like After Dysport®?

After the Dysport® treatment, there is no downtime necessary. This is why Dysport® and other injectables are so popular among patients. You will be able to return to work and all other activities immediately following your appointment. While you may experience some minor redness, sensitivity or swelling in the treatment area, these symptoms are typically mild in nature and resolve within a few days.

What Results Can I Expect from Dysport®?

Dysport® will begin to take effect in the days following treatment, often producing results in about three days. These results may continue to improve for a few days, and will last about four to six months after your treatment. After this time, you can easily maintain your results with repeated Dysport® treatments.

To learn more about the Dysport® treatment, contact us today. We’ll also be happy to help you schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Dunkley. Envision Plastic Surgery welcomes patients from Salt Lake City, Utah, and the nearby cities of Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado.