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Before & After Gallery

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If you are considering a plastic surgery procedure, you may want to explore some of the re sults we have helped others achieve at Envision Cosmetic Surgery. Below, we invite you to view our before and after galleries, where you can see the incredible transformations that we’ve helped others achieve. We proudly serve the people living in and arou nd Salt Lake City, Utah.

What is the Before and After Gallery?

Our before and after gallery is home to all of the impressive results that we have delivered at Envision Plastic Surgery. Here, you can see how previous patients looked before their cosmetic surgery, and how they looked after their cosmetic surgery. We encourage anyone who is considering plastic surgery to explore these pages, as it can help you get a more realistic idea of the type of results that you may be able to achieve through treatment. However, keep in mind that we always take a personalized approach to treatment - we cannot guarantee you results that will be identical to these examples. Instead, we will work with you to create a treatment that best fulfills your cosmetic goals.

Do These Before and After Pictures Feature Real Patients?

Yes! All of the images in our before and after gallery come from patients that we have treated in the past. We have received permission from these patients to share their results, although we do keep their identity anonymous out of respect. If you are considering a specific procedure, we encourage you to view the before and after pictures associated with that treatment. Many patients feel that viewing these images helps them feel more confident in their decision to pursue treatment, while also giving them a good idea of the kind of results they might be able to achieve.

What Before and After Pictures are Available?

You can currently view our before and after pictures above.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dunkley after viewing our before and after images, contact us today. Envision Plastic Surgery welcomes patients from Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding areas of Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho.