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Welcome to Envision Cosmetic Surgery, your premier center for surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Located just outside of the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, we are dedicated to helping our patients finally feel confident and proud of the skin they’re in. Dr. Benjamin Dunkley and his expert team host decades of unmatched experience in full-body aesthetic surgery, and are prepared to stand by your side every step of the way through your surgical experience.

One of our commitments is to continually perform in a patient-centered manner. From the moment you walk in the door for your consultation, to the moment you have your last follow-up visit and beyond, we want you to know exactly what to expect and are here to support you. We are dedicated to your utmost care and beautiful, natural-looking results.

Plastic Surgery in Salt Lake City, UT

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Mommy Makeovers

A mommy makeover is a combination of surgical procedures typically performed after child birth to enhance the abdomen and breasts while restoring the pre-pregnancy body .

Tummy tuck

Pregnancy and weight gain can stretch the skin and muscle in the midsection beyond repair with over-the-counter products. A tummy tuck tightens your midsection for a flat abdomen.

breast Lift & enhancement

Your breasts should match and complement the rest of your natural frame and features. A lift can add perkiness to your post-pregnancy breasts while augmentation can restore their overall size.


Sometime stubborn pockets of fat after pregnancy won’t go away with exercise alone. Liposuction removes those pockets of fat for smooth, slim results.


This reconstruction surgery tightens the vaginal muscles and other support tissues that may have loosened during childbirth for improved vaginal tightness and sexual pleasure.

renew, refresh, recharge

Medical Spa

Our medical spa provides the most advanced skin care products and services to patients seeking a way to maintain a younger, healthier appearance.

Fillers & Lip Enhancements

Injectables may either prevent contractions in the muscles that cause wrinkles, simply fill wrinkles from beneath, or trigger the production of new collagen for beautifully rejuvenated skin.

Spider Vein Treatments

Our spider vein treatments allow you the opportunity to restore your smooth, even skin tone without a lengthy downtime or recovery period.

Laser Hair Removal

Stop shaving, waxing and worrying about unwanted hair. Laser hair removal treatments are quick, easy and long-lasting for clear skin and a clear mind.

Skincare products

As we age, our skin loses its youthful glow. Gravity, sun exposure, and other external factors also cause the skin to age. Medical-grade skin care products fight back against time for glowing, refreshed skin.

HCG Weight Loss

As we age our brain can becomes lazy, tucking fat away and ignoring those stores when energy is needed. With the aid of HCG injections, the brain starts to find and use these stores again for a healthier looking and feeling body.


Fat transfer puts
volume in places
that needs it.
In the face, fat
grafting restores
youthful contours
without the use
of man-made
formulas and gels.


"Everyone there made me feel so comfortable. I was pretty nervous the day of surgery but the staff made me feel much better. Awesome group of people and excellent work!"

"The doctor was very personable and very informative and very nice. I felt very safe in his care. I felt like he cared about what I was going through."

"I love the way I look. Everyone in the office were really nice and fit my needs. Dr. Dunkley is the best at what he does. All the staff, in general helped me with all my needs and made me feel so comfortable."



Patients in their 20s should focus on good medical-grade skin care, less sun exposure, and non-invasive solutions like dermal fillers or Botox® to prevent premature signs of aging.


In your 30s, fillers can smooth away fine lines that start to creep in and Botox® can help prevent the formation of lines in the brows or forehead area before they get too deep.


Many men and women in this age group consider eye lift surgery to remove crow’s as well as a facelift, mini facelift or mid-facelift to remove sagging skin and deep wrinkles.


In your 50s, facial volume rapidly decreases, so a facelift is often a popular option. A neck lift can also address sagging skin in the neck area and brow lift for lines in the upper part of the face.



In your 60s, skin elasticity is at a minimum and static wrinkles are all over the face. This is a good time to undergo a full facelift including the neck area to give you a more rejuvenated, youthful look.

Envision Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery in Salt Lake City, UT
Plastic Surgery in Salt Lake City, UT
Plastic Surgery in Salt Lake City, UT
Plastic Surgery in Salt Lake City, UT