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Whether you’re experiencing changes from pregnancy or simply aging, vaginoplasty can be an effective solution for restoring your vagina to a tight, youthful state. Envision Plastic Surgery is proud to offer this treatment to women living in and around Salt Lake City, Utah.

In Utah, we’re a young, active population and we all want to look our best. Toward that end, we may opt to have a mommy makeover after pregnancy and childbirth, or a facelift or eyelid surgery to address areas where sagging skin seems to have taken over.

But what about our vagina? We pay more attention to stretched sagging skin elsewhere on our bodies, but our vagina can also stretch and lose its ability to tighten back to its former elasticity.

That’s where vaginoplasty with Dr. Dunkley can come in. This surgical procedure has the goal of tightening the tissues and muscles that support the vagina.

What Is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is basically reconstruction surgery on the vagina. It has the goal of tightening the vaginal muscles and other support tissues. Vaginoplasty can improve sexual sensitivity and overall vaginal tightness.

Vaginoplasty in Salt Lake City, UT


What Are The Benefits Of Vaginoplasty?

After childbirth, particularly women who’ve had multiple children, women often complain of vaginal laxity. In extreme cases, this may be to the degree that a tampon may not stay in place. Even without childbirth, our tissues become more lax simply because of aging. This occurs across our bodies; our vagina is no exception.

Vaginoplasty surgically tightens the muscles and tissues of the vagina. In these procedures, Dr. Dunkley brings separated muscles back together. He also removes excess skin. In most cases, the patient also seeks some improvement in the labia, the outer lips of the vagina. This skin is trimmed, as well.

Am I A Candidate For Vaginoplasty?

If you’ve had multiple children, odds are your vagina has stretched. Muscles may have actually separated, as is the case in the lower abdomen due to the localized weight gain of pregnancy. Sometimes, if muscles are stretched to such a degree, they become separated and cannot return to their former position without surgery.

If you’ve noticed that laxity seems to affect your sexual satisfaction and sensation, this could be a good procedure for you.

How Is Vaginoplasty Performed?

These procedures take from one to two hours. The first step is to determine the amount of tightening desired. Once this has been determined, Dr. Dunkley will mark a pie-shaped wedge inside the vagina to delineate the extra skin that will be removed. Beneath the skin, the pelvic floor muscles and support tissues are tightened with deep sutures. Now that the vaginal canal has been tightened, the mucosal skin is sutured closed.

The final phase of these procedures may involve trimming the labia as desired by the patient.

What Is Recovery Like After Vaginoplasty?

You’ll need to plan for between one and two weeks of downtime. It’s likely you’ll have some relatively deep aching for the first few days. Dr. Dunkley will prescribe pain medication. Any sexual intercourse, the use of tampons, or any activity that involves penetration of the vagina is strictly off limits for eight weeks. After about one week, you can return to desk type work, but anything strenuous needs to wait for probably three weeks. Dr. Dunkley will give you some Kegel exercises to perform to strengthen the newly repositioned and tightened muscles. Full recovery can take up to three months.

What Are The Risks Involved With Vaginoplasty?

This is major surgery and involves all the same risks: excessive bleeding, infection, reaction to anesthesia, and the like. Specific to this procedure, there are risks of nerve damage, vaginal collapse, and uneven lubrication inside the vagina. These are rare complications.

How Much Does Vaginoplasty Cost?

Dr. Dunkley cannot ascertain how much these surgeries cost until he sees the individual patient. He treats every surgery as completely unique, and vaginoplasty is no different. After your consultation, he should be able to give you a good idea of the cost of this procedure.

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Contact us today to learn more about the vaginoplasty procedure, or to get started with treatment by scheduling your consultation with Dr. Dunkley. Envision Plastic Surgery offers this and other body sculpting procedures to the residents of Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding areas of Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming.