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Butt Lift

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If you’d like to achieve a more shapely or perky buttocks, then a butt lift might be an appropriate solution. At Envision Plastic Surgery, we offer this and other body sculpting procedures to the men and women living in and around Salt Lake City, Utah.

What is a Butt Lift?

A butt lift, also called a gluteoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to trim and tighten excess skin from the buttocks in order to create a firmer, more shapely appearance. The butt is a natural location for fat to develop in, and because of this, the loss of fat and the effects of aging can be seen more obviously here than in other areas. Over time, you may no tice that the butt begins to sag, losing its youthful, round appearance. In these cases, a butt lift can be a good solution. The butt lift can lift and reshape the buttocks to produce a more youthful, toned appearance.

How Much Does a Butt Lift Cost?

The cost of a butt lift at Envision Cosmetic Surgery will vary depending on your treatment goals and the techniques that will be used to fulfill those goals. We encourage all interested patients to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dunkley, so that you can discuss your needs and determine the treatment plan that is right for you. At this point, we will be able to provide you with the exact cost of your treatment. In an effort to make our services more affordable and accessible, we are proud to offer a variety of financing options to our patients. 

Butt Lift in Salt Lake City, UT

What Happens During the Butt Lift Procedure?

The butt lift procedure is performed with the aid of anesthetics to ensure your complete comfort and safety for the duration of the procedure. Although incision techniques may vary, most butt lift surgeries begin with an incision centered above the butt, where it will be hidden by swimwear and most other clothing. Through this incision, excess skin is removed and repositioned. The skin is then tightened and the incision is closed to complete the procedure.

What is Recovery Like After a Butt Lift?

After a butt lift procedure, it is important that patients are able to rest and recuperate as much aspossible in the immediate weeks. We encourage patients to take one to two weeks away fromwork and other obligations in order to heal. Any strenuous activities should be avoided for atleast one month after surgery. Furthermore, you will need to be cautious with how you sit and liedown in order to avoid stressing the incision location. Dr. Dunkley will be able to provide youwith further instruction based on your particular treatment plan.

How Long Do the Results of a Butt Lift Last?

Residual swelling can persist for several weeks after a butt lift, so don’t be concerned if your results aren’t what you expected right away. However, once these side effects do resolve, you can enjoy permanent results. It is important to remember that future weight gain or aging can impact these results, so patients are encouraged to practice healthy lifestyle habits following their procedure.

Are you considering a butt lift at Envision Plastic Surgery? If so, contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and begin discussing your treatment with Dr. Dunkley. We proudly serve the residents of Salt Lake City, Utah, and also welcome patients from Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming.