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Best in Laser hair removal, Soprano Titanium

New in January of 2023 from Alma Laser company comes the most revolutionary laser hair removal device available today, the SOPRANO TITANIUM!

What makes the Soprano Titanium different?

There are multiple technological breakthroughs that were combined to make the Soprano Titanium absolutely unique.

 First of all, multiple lasers can be used to treat hair. Each laser generates a specific wavelength. Each wavelength targets specific aspects of the hair follicle or is safe for certain skin types. The Soprano Titanium uses three wavelengths simultaneously to double down on hair removal making it extra effective for eliminating hair.

Second, hair removal lasers have a certain “area” or spot size that they can treat with one burst. Typically, the spot size is relatively small. The Soprano Titanium can treat an amazing 4 cm squared area. This size is dramatically larger than the industry standard.  

Third, The Soprano Titanium has a turbo cooling mechanism to help keep the treatment comfortable. Lasers generate heat to work on their target. We want the hair to get hot, but then cool down quickly because heat hurts. The contact portion of the laser has a super cooled head that keeps the temperature down, making the treatment comfortable instead of bearable.

Forth, Alma was the first to developed “in motion” technology. The best form of flattery is mimicry. Multiple devices use in motion hair removal now, but Alma led the way. Instead of “stamping” or putting the laser in a location and firing it then moving to the next spot, the laser fires continuously while the laser head is moved unceasingly over the treatment area. This helps with comfort (heat isn’t trapped under a non-moving head) and speed. Now an entire back can be treated in under 10 minutes.

Can the Soprano Titanium be used on dark skin?

The Soprano Titanium can be used on all skin types and even on persons who have a tan. Traditionally, laser hair removal treatments are not performed on tanned skin or patients with a higher Fitzpatrick skin types. The Soprano Titanium allows hair treatment professionals to enter a patient’s Fitzpatrick skin type and the device determines what treatment levels can safely be used. When tan or with Fitzpatrick skin type 3-6, sometimes more treatments are needed.

What is Laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a way to permanently eliminate hair follicles by directing the energy of a laser to the area just below the skin where the hair grows. Multiple treatments are needed as hair grows in cycles and not every hair follicle is active at one time. Patient’s love not having to wax, tweeze and shave.

Laser Hair Removal in Salt Lake City, UT

How effective is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is very effective at eliminating hair. When the hair follicles die, they are gone. Sometimes new follicles develop as you age. Hence, you may occasionally need a touch-up treatment. However, you will never have the same concentration of hair as you did before starting the removal process.

Where are common areas to get laser hair removal?

Essentially any are on the body can be treated for hair removal. Safety goggles are typically worn during the treatment for safety reasons. The Envision staff commonly jokes that “no women needs hair from the lip down…” Commonly treated areas include: arm pits, bikini, Brazillian, arms, legs, back, necks, eye brows and more.

What is needed to prepare for laser hair removal?

Traditionally we would advise against a sun tan, but with the new Soprano Titanium, even a tan isn’t an obstacle. Long hair can make the treatments less effective, so shaving the day before your treatment is recommended.

How long does a laser hair removal treatment take and how many treatments are needed?

The Soprano Titanium is the fastest laser hair removal device available. Full legs take less than 20 minutes, a back treatment less than 10 minutes. Multiple treatments are needed to catch all the hair as its growth cycles. Each treatment should be done about 4-6 weeks apart.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

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