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Breast Revision

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Botched breast surgeries or mastectomy can be difficult to live with, but they don’t have to be with breast revision procedures. Envision Plastic Surgery strives to help women restore their femininity and confidence by offering these services to patients living in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas of Utah.

In Salt Lake City, revision breast augmentation surgery dramatically improves the appearance of breasts. Many women with breast implants notice their breasts have changed since the original surgery. If the changes made by time and gravity have made you unhappy with your breasts then revision breast augmentation can help.

What Is Revision Breast Surgery?

Any surgery of the breasts performed when the patient has already had implants or a lift is considered breast revision surgery. Patients wanting revisions often feel they have lost additional breast tissue and now the breasts are too small; or the breasts drooped; or the implants have changed locations allowing the implant to sit too low or too far to the sides.

Revision breast surgery may be as simple as replacing the implants with a different size implant or as dramatic as a lift, new implants and changing the implant to a new plane, above or below the muscle.

Breast Revision in Salt Lake City, UT


Who Should Consider Breast Revision Surgery?

Any patient who looks at their breasts and is unhappy with the shape or size following breast surgery is a candidate for breast surgery. Some patients have had their implants for many years and some for only a short time.

What Problems Can Revision Breast Address?

The most common reason Dr. Dunkley sees patients for revision surgery is because the implant location changes over time. The pocket the implant sits in may stretch. If the pocket stretches downward, the implant sits too low, which makes the nipple seem too high.

If the pocket stretches to the sides, the breast implant sits in the armpit when the patient is lying down. Other problems addressed are visible rippling, the natural breast sagging while the implant stays in place or desires for a different sized implant.

Is A Breast Revision Surgery Safe?

Revision breast surgery is very safe. Many techniques may be used including fat grafting, placement of artificial grafting materials or changing the location of the breast implants. Many women are unaware that they can be 100% happy with their breasts again.

What Can I Expect The Day Of My Surgery?

The day of surgery you will meet the surgical team. An anesthesia provider, nurse and surgical assistant are all important for successful outcomes. After pictures are taken, and marks placed on the breasts, you enter the operating room. From there you awake in the recovery room. Numbing medication has been placed into the breast; hence most patients are very comfortable. When patients are awake and comfortable, they go home.

What Can I Expect During My Recovery From Breast Revision Surgery?

Revision surgery can be worse or less painful than the first surgery depending on what was done. Prescriptions are given to alleviate pain and help with stiffness. A prescription for anti-nausea medicine is also given as a precaution. All patients are seen 1-2 days after surgery to ensure they are doing well and the surgery sites look good. Most patients feel well 3-4 days after surgery.

What Do Patient’s Think About Their Results From Revision Surgery?

Most patients are simply amazed how beautiful the breasts look, when they were living under the impression that nothing could be done. Come see what options are available for you at Envision Cosmetic Surgery. Look in the mirror once again and see the real you.

If you are unhappy with your breasts, don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule a consultation for breast revision with Dr. Dunkley. Envision Plastic Surgery welcomes patients from across Utah, Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming, especially those in and around Salt Lake City.