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Rhinoplasty in Salt Lake City, UT

Nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, has come a long way over the years. Today’s advanced treatment takes a “less is more” approach, as an overly done nose can be very noticeable and not natural looking. Nose surgery is a popular plastic surgery procedure that offers aesthetic and functional improvements and can improve your appearance and self-image with permanent results.

Often patients seek nose surgery to fix a functional problem such as breathing problems from a deviated septum or another irregularity, repair injuries or correct birth defects. Blocked or restricted nasal passages can affect sleep and quality of life. During surgery, the bone and cartilage dividing the space between the two nostrils, called the septum, can be straightened to improve breathing. For patients who have experienced a broken nose, nose surgery can correct the shape.

Aesthetically, much can be done to improve the appearance of the nose to make it more symmetrical with the face and natural-looking. Each individual component of the nose must be taken into consideration when one area is going to be modified. Noses that are wide at the base can be narrowed. Humps on bridges can be lowered. A tip that is wide, bulbous, uneven or projecting too much or too little can be corrected. Nostrils can be narrowed as well.

There are two techniques for nose surgery. One is a closed method, where incisions are made inside the nose, eliminating all scarring. The other is an open technique, where small incisions are made across the nostrils, with little scarring. Your surgeon will discuss the type of surgery that would be best for you.

After this outpatient surgery, you may experience some mild discomfort in the first few days and puffiness in the face around the eyes and nose, with bruising and swelling that usually subsides in about two weeks. Cold compresses and pain medications can provide relief for any discomfort.

The goal of nose surgery is to improve the appearance of the nose that also functions well and allows you to breathe naturally. If you’re interested in learning more about nose surgery, call (801) 203-4341 and set up a consultation with Dr. Dunkley.