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After surgery, you need to consider every aspect of your life to make sure you are recovering well. Always follow your doctor’s suggestions and instructions to minimize the chance of complications as you try to recuperate. Focus on your nutrition. Is it causing any additional side effects, like constipation or acid reflux? These are things to consider.

What you eat can make a significant difference to the speed of your recovery and how well you heal. One of the top food types recommended during recovery after surgery is whole foods. Whole foods are unprocessed. Think of it as the apple before it becomes apple juice. Eating whole foods is actually healthy all the time but most of all when your body is fighting to get “back to normal” after an invasive surgery.

Plastic Surgery in Salt Lake City, UTYou’ll be able to tell a difference in whole foods depending on how they are cooked, as well. You should avoid deep fried, fatty foods and anything that’s loaded with sugar. You’ll find that processed foods contain a lot more sugar. The general thinking is that these added sugars and flavorings are added because the food was processed in the first place. Many foods have had their natural flavorings processed right out of them. The additional ingredients are to add back flavoring so people want to eat the product again.

Bake your foods, check ingredients, and watch what you’re eating during your entire recovery. Hopefully, you’ll feel so good that you’ll continue your healthy diet long after you have recovered.

If you transition to a more healthy diet, you’ll feel happier and healthier all around, while enjoying the benefit of being able to get an A+ from your surgeon at follow up appointments. That thumbs-up might be just what you need that day.