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Many people here in Salt Lake City ask about “Gummy Bear” implants. There is a lot of misunderstanding about what a “Gummy Bear” implant is. First of all, the nomenclature needs addressing. What most people are referring to when they say gummy bear are “form stable implants” that were only recently approved by the FDA. The only form stable implant on the market is made by Allergan. It is classified by the FDA as 5th generation silicone. Even sitting on its side, this implant doesn’t ripple and yet still feels remarkably soft.

All breast implant companies currently produce a 4th generation silicone implant. Gummy bear as a term is confusing since the current silicone is “cohesive”. What is the difference? Cohesive doesn’t drip or run, if the implant is cut in half, it doesn’t go any where, yet 4th gen. silicone conforms to the shape of the container its in. You may think of it like silly putty. Put it back into the little egg it comes in and next time you open it, that’s the shape it will be.

5th gen. silicone, form stable silicone to be correct, will hold its shape even if the container was removed. The new form stable implants aren’t for everyone, but if you are very thin and rippling is a concern or you have rippling and don’t like it, you may benefit from form stable implants. Be warned however, like any new product with no competitors, you pay more for them than regular silicone implants. So Utah, if your doctor’s telling you you’ll get form stable implants for your breast augmentation, make sure they are from Allergan or you are simply paying more for an anitomical shaped 4th gen. silicone implant. Good luck preparing for spring!