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One of the most popular trends in the modern age for cosmetic surgery is the art of breast augmentation. Women are interested in this procedure because it not only gives them a new and beautiful look, but it also can improve the body’s balance.

The Modern Techniques

Many of advanced facilities are using modern techniques to help their patients get a beautiful body. Let’s have a lookBreast Augmentation in Salt Lake City, UT at the most common types of breast augmentation techniques.

The Inframammary Technique

This is the most common technique used today. During this surgery, the implants are inserted in the fold between the chest wall and the natural breast. If you don’t want a noticeable scar, this is the technique for you. It is also ideal if you don’t want any other noticeable differences. Because fewer parts of the body are immediately affected by the proper placement of the implant, there is often less of an impact on natural processes such as milk production.

The Transaxillary Technique

This technique actually inserts the implant through the area near the armpits in order to minimize visible scarring. If done correctly, this technique can actually make the scars completely invisible, even when the arms are raised. However, it comes with a trade-off. Because the implants are placed above the muscles, this technique results in greater impairment in movement and milk production.

The Transumbillical Technique

This technique is most commonly known as the TUBA, transumbillical breast augmentation. In this technique the implants are actually inserted through the umbilicus, commonly called the navel. After insertion, of course, the implants are placed in the breast area. Sometimes during placement, the breast tissue is damaged or disrupted. Because this type of insertion is difficult, most surgeons will use camera scopes to get you the best placement.

The Periareolar Techniques

This technique actually involves the incision to be made around the areola, or the darker skin surrounding the nipple. This minimizes scarring. However, surgeons need to take great care in order to minimize nerve and glandular damage that may pose a threat to milk production.

The Bottom Line             

If you decide that breast augmentation is for you, you should consult with your surgeon about which technique is best for you. Call Dr. Benjamin Dunkley today to do just that.