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Breast Augmentation in Salt Lake City, UTYour decision to have breast implant surgery and what size to choose can conceivably be influenced by your family, friends, significant other and even the media. Breast augmentation is an important decision that you should make for yourself because you have to live with your decision. Is “bigger better”? Maybe. However, the current augmentation trend is “less is more.”

If you’re dazed and confused about what size implant to choose, continue reading. Selecting your implant size doesn’t have to be a big deal. Follow these four tips to help you get the most optimum results, for you:

  1. Be Observant – Observing friends, family members or women in the media who have your similar body type could help you decide the best implant size for your body type.
  2. It’s Your Body – Every body is different. And although it may be nice to wonder how you would look with your current Hollywood favorite’s breast size, understanding your body type will help you more accurately choose a breast implant size that is perfect for you. If you are curvy, you may want to opt for a larger sized implant – if you have a petite frame, large breasts may make you look unnatural and top heavy, so opt for smaller.
  3. Explore Bras Of A Different Size – A good way to decide your ideal breast size is to try on larger sized padded bras that will help give you an idea of how larger breasts would look on you. You can compare your potential breast size to your frame and build, and check to see if it will make you look disproportionate.
  4. Clarify Your Goals – During your initial consultation, be sure to tell your surgeon what look you are going for and your goals and expectations. Explain whether or not you want a drastic or subtle change to your appearance. This will help both you and your surgeon narrow down the ideal cup size for you, and the end result will be exactly what you expected.

Fall is the perfect time to consider augmentation. If you have questions or concerns, call to schedule a consultation appointment, today: (801) 268-2650.