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Breast Augmentation in Salt Lake City, UTAs the most popular plastic surgery procedure, breast augmentations are the fastest way to get fuller, larger, and even perkier breasts. Even though breast augmentations are so popular, patients still tend to have a lot of post-surgery questions. To help you feel a bit more informed about your surgery, we have created a brief Q&A. Let’s take a closer look.

Q: Will I Be In Pain?

When you are sent home after surgery, you may start to experience some pain as your medication wears off— this is completely normal and is why we typically prescribe patients with a pain reliever. Just be sure to take it as needed.

Q: Will I Notice Results Right Away?

Yes, but your breasts will also be a little bit swollen. Over the next few weeks, as the swelling subsides, you will start to see your full results— which is such an exciting part of the recovery process.

Q: Can I Workout?

We encourage all of our patients to refrain from any strenuous or high-intensity workouts for at least a couple of weeks. Workouts that require running, jumping, or bouncing can exacerbate your incision site and may lead to an infection. Instead, try going on short walks to get your wiggles out. When you do start working out again, make sure that you wear a bra that gives you enough support.

Q: Do I Have to Wear a Compression Bra?

In most instances, we recommend that our patients wear a compression bra or bandage for the first few days of recovery. Compression bras are designed to help not only alleviate swelling but to ensure that your stitches stay in place as well.

If you have any questions or concerns about your breast augmentation at any point in the surgical process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! To learn more about breast augmentation surgery, contact our Murray office today at (801) 268-2650.