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Cellulite meets its match. VaserSmooth has arrived.

The cosmetic industry has more new products every year than any one person can keep track of. New devices are brought by my office weekly. For me, all new technology must have two things: First, it must be supported by research and second, it has to make a noticeable difference.

With that in mine, here is the latest and greatest!

In January 2013 cellulite takes a hit. Our newest device called VaserSmooth is a surgical treatment for cellulite. The Vaser an ultrasound assisted liposuction device has been around for years. Sound Surgical the makers of Vaser just released the VaserSmooth. This device uses ultrasound energy like the Vaser but focuses on reducing cellulite not fat removal

Fibers that attach the skin to the muscle cause the dimpling seen as cellulite. Releasing theses fibers can significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite. The VaserSmooth is specifically designed to target these strands and destroy them with a burst of ultrasound energy. Treatments can be done solo or combined with a small amount of liposuction.

These treatments are surgery. Improvements range from subtle to drastic though I have yet to find a patient who will complain about LESS cellulite. Come in for a consult. Smoother skin may be just around the corner!

But wait there’s more. Other new items may be more to your liking and involve less downtime.

Want tighter skin, but cant stop for surgery? VaserShape also made by Sound Surgical, is a skin-tightening device using ultrasound energy. The device aims two energy waves so they cross under the skin. Where they cross heat is generated and fat cells are damaged. The heat tightens the skin. Damaged fat cells release their reserves making them shrink. Treatments take one to two hours, but results are immediate and you have no down time.

Thermacell, a device similar to Thermage, uses radiofrequency energy waves to heat the skin with the same end goal in mind, tighter skin. Treatments have also been known to stimulate additional collagen production. Since Thermacell doesn’t penetrate as deeply as the VaserShape, it is ideal for use on the face and neck!

If fine lines and skin discoloration are creeping up on you, Dermapen is the solution. Dermapen could be compared to getting a tattoo without any ink. Small needles pierce the skin in order to stimulate the healing process. The skin lays down collagen, tightens and evens out color variations as it heals. You look like you have sunburn for a couple days. The benefits are comparable to fractionated laser treatments and chemical peels but are much easier.

Perhaps none of these interest you. Well how about going hair free?  We have lasers that can remove hair, freckles, spider veins and skin discolorations. Though they have been around for a while, they still please all who try them. Who really wants to shave anyway?