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Vitamin Infusions in Salt Lake City, UTFamous celebrities like the Kardashians have posted pictures of themselves getting water and vitamin infusions after a long trip or vacation abroad. But are these IV treatments just a hoax or are they something that everyone should consider? To help you decide for yourself, we have created a brief article listing some of the benefits of these treatments.

Why IV Treatments?

IV treatments are a fast, safe, and easy way for you to get vitamins, hydration, and minerals that your body needs to function. That’s why if you have had a really bad case of the stomach flu or are experiencing a lot of morning sickness, your local hospital can give you an IV of fluids to help you stay hydrated.

Why Not Just Take A Pill?

Vitamin infusions aren’t for everyone; they are specifically designed for patients who are lacking a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals that their body needs to function normally. And although you can go to your local pharmacy and grab a bottle of vitamins, your body will absorb the vitamins from an IV at a faster rate.

Are The Dangerous?

Yes, it is true that you can have too much of a good thing— even vitamins. To make sure that we aren’t giving you too much of a vitamin that your body already has a lot of, we may perform some blood testing beforehand— that way we can cater your treatment directly to you and your body’s needs.

Vitamin infusions are a popular treatment that we offer here at Benjamin Dunkley’s office. If you have been traveling a lot or have just noticed a decrease in your consumption of food enriched with vitamins, you may want to give this treatment a consideration. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Benjamin Dunkley today!