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Medical Spa in Salt Lake City, UTJust a few decades ago, facial aging was something a person either accepted or dealt with by getting a facelift. Today, we have so many ways to reduce the signs of aging that we have a hard time keeping track! Facelift surgery remains one of the fastest and most predictable ways to restore the appearance of youth. However, the way this surgery is performed has also evolved. Doctors now know that tightening aging facial skin is only one aspect of reinstating youthfulness. What is really needed to bring buoyancy back to the face is volume, and what better way to do this than with fat?

One of the most common ways that today’s consumer attempts to refresh facial contours is with injectable solutions like Botox and dermal fillers. This approach is appropriate for people of all ages, whether the intent is to postpone the development of lines and wrinkles or to correct issues that are detracting from the desired aesthetic. Fillers are, in fact, advantageous for volume restoration. Stilll, more people are talking about fat injections.

Here’s why . . .
Fat vs. Fillers: Which is best?
The way that most dermal fillers work is with water. Specifically, dermal fillers are comprised of a vital amino sugar, hyaluronic acid. This substance serves an important role in the body because it draws water into areas such as the joints, the eyes, and the skin. Fat injections work on an entirely different premise.

To inject fat into any area of the body, we must get it from someplace. There is your first benefit to this process: we take extra fat from a part of your body that has some to spare! After fat removal with liposuction, we separate out the cells that are most valuable to our desired outcome. These cells can then be injected into the cheeks, jaw line, temples, under the eyes, or even beneath obvious scars. The second benefit of fat injections is that the results we achieve can last for several years rather than months.

Important Details
The longevity of results with fat injections is an obvious advantage over dermal fillers. However, it is important to also understand that the body responds differently to fat than to fillers. When we inject filler product into lines, creases, or deflated areas, the results are immediate. When we inject the same areas with fat, results may not be noticeable for months.

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