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Vitamin Infusions in Salt Lake City, UT

With us nearing the end of what has been one of the longest flu seasons in years, the last thing you want to be is sick when you are on vacation over spring break. Whether you’re treating yourself or your family for a much-needed vacation, make sure that you stay as healthy and happy as possible. And although you can try downing a few gallons of orange juice before you hop on a plane, we have an easier solution: Vitamin Infusions.

What Is A Vitamin Infusion?

Did you know that only about 50 percent of the vitamins you orally ingest are available to your body? With vitamin infusion IV therapy, we can increase that number to 90 percent. During your vitamin infusion iv therapy session, we will customize your IV based on your health and needs to deliver the adequate vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants to your body.

How Does It Work?

As previously mentioned, when you come into our office for your Vitamin infusion IV, we will create a custom IV that’s catered toward you and your needs. After you have been hooked up to your IV, you can sit comfortably in our lounge for about 45 minutes while we administer your IV drip. Feel free to take a nap, work, read, listen to music, or whatever you want.

If you’ve been eating a poor diet or just haven’t been feeling yourself, we may recommend that you get bi-weekly vitamin infusions leading up to your spring break vacation. If you feel like you coming down with something or if you just want an extra immunity boost, schedule your vitamin infusion IV therapy at our Murray office today: (801) 268-2650.