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Chin Implant Surgery in Salt Lake City, UTNot everybody is born with a facial structure that they are proud of— especially when it comes to their chin. Luckily, here at our office, Dr. Benjamin Dunkley we offer a chin implant surgery to help enhance your silhouette. During a chin implant surgery, an implant will be placed under the skin over the prominence of the chin to supplement how forward and down the chin looks— leaving you with either a more subtle or pronounced profile.

After this surgical procedure, you will be sent home to rest while it heals. So, how can you heal from surgery? Let’s take a closer look.

Watch The Pain Meds

One of the unique benefits of a chin implant surgery is that there usually isn’t that much pain involved— so you shouldn’t require any pain meds. If you do feel any pain, try taking an over the counter NSAID like ibuprofen to help you feel more comfortable.

Ice The First Day

One of the first things you should do when you get home from surgery is to ice your chin right away. The sooner you start icing, the less swelling you should experience throughout your recovery. Many patients can ice just on the first day and then not have to worry about it again.

Take Time Off

It takes about 5-7 days on average for patients to go back to work and normal activities. If you can, try to take that long off of work to give your body the proper rest and relaxation it needs. While you are recovering, make sure that you avoid any strenuous activities like exercise until you get the go-ahead from Dr. Benjamin Dunkley.

If you are happy with your silhouette and have always wanted to augment your chin, then a chin implant from dr. Benjamin Dunkley may be the best option. Ready to learn more? Schedule a consultation appointment at our Murray office today: (801) 268-2650.