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Plastic Surgery in Salt Lake City, UTUnless you are referring to your cute furry canine friend, you don’t want to have a pooch— especially around your middle. If you have a little bit of excess weight around your middle section that you can’t seem to get rid of after pregnancy, we have a few tips to help. From a new diet plan to SmartLipo, this article will discuss a few ways you can get rid of your post-pregnancy pooch. Read on to learn more.

A New Diet Plan

Sometimes your metabolism just needs a change of pace and “scenery” to give it a jump start. For instance, if you started to cut carbs after pregnancy to lose some weight, try adding in a whole wheat into your diet but getting rid of most of your sugars— sometimes by making small changes to your diet, you can get big results.

High-Intensity Workouts

One of the hottest trends in the fitness world right now is high-intensity workouts. By bringing your heart rate quickly up and keeping it elevated, high-intensity workouts are known for helping people burn off fat at a faster rate. With a combination of things like jumping jacks, squats, stomach crunches, and high-knees, you can hopefully get rid of your pooch and maybe even some other fat around your body.


Remember that if diet and exercise alone can’t do the trick, there’s always SmartLipo. SmartLipo is a surgical procedure that involves laser technology to melt the fat. Once the fat is in a liquid form, it will be suctioned out with a device called a “cannula.”

Just because you have a baby, it doesn’t mean you have to look like you do. If you have a post pregnancy pooch that you just can’t seem to get rid of, consider changing up your diet, trying high-intensity workouts, and considering SmartLipo. To learn more about SmartLipo or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Benjamin Dunkley’s office today!