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Gynecomastia in Salt Lake City, UTHaving “man boobs” isn’t an accomplishment that you are likely ready to put on your resume or post on Facebook. Primarily caused by either excess weight or steroidal supplements used in bodybuilding, excess breast tissue in men can be more than embarrassing. Luckily, with the help of gynecomastia from Dr. Benjamin Dunkley, you can get rid of the excess breast tissue and fat in your chest and start to gain your confidence back once and for all. While in recovery from gynecomastia, however, you will be required to refrain from exercising to allow your body to heal. Once you get back into exercising, it’s important to avoid certain areas and take it slow. Read on to learn more about post gynecomastia exercise tips.

Avoid Free Weights
If you enjoy using dumbbells or other free weights while you are at the gym, give them rest until your body has fully recovered from surgery. Unlike machines that have the support that will protect you from straining a muscle or otherwise injuring yourself, free weights are essentially a loose cannon. Rather than doing arm curls, try using an arm press machine— the additional support will protect you.

Take It Slow
If you are a gym rat but haven’t been able to workout while in recovery, you may want to jump right in, full force. However, this will only increase your risk for injury. To help protect your body against any harm or damage, take it slow and work up to things. Even though you used to be able to bench 100 lbs it doesn’t mean you need to do that right away— work up to it.

Be Careful With the Chest
Chest exercises are popular amongst bodybuilders. By enhancing your chest and shoulder size, these activities can make you look larger than you are. When first getting back into exercising following gynecomastia, try to avoid placing too much strain on your chest because it could tear open your incision site or otherwise injure you.

Getting back into your exercise routine following any surgery can be a bit difficult— especially following gynecomastia. Luckily, with the tips listed above, you can recover safely and without injury. To learn more about gynecomastia or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Benjamin Dunkley today!