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It’s sad to see Joan Rivers move on to the next life, but I am very grateful for the notoriety she brought to cosmetic surgery. My fellow Salt Lake citizens are well aware of the work that Joan had done. I frequently hear “please make sure my work isn’t as obvious as Joan’s (or Kenny Roger’s)” but they still want something done.

The forthright admission to cosmetic surgery by many celebrities has been helpful in eliminating the negative stigma associated with cosmetic surgery. I’m still debating if Kim Khardashian’s extreme make-over made people more willing or less willing to have surgery. But some would argue any publicity is good publicity.

The good news for Salt Lake City and Utah in general is the cost of plastic or cosmetic surgery in our state is much less than the national average and any of the surrounding states. You may be surprised to find that out-of-state patients flock here to have their work done. Good for us who already live here. So if you are on the fence about liposuction or a breast augmentation, come an lets talk. You will be getting the best deal in the nation!!