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Facelift in Salt Lake City, UT

Cosmetic Surgery is a major decision that needs to be evaluated and thought through carefully before finally committing to any procedure. Other than asking for professional advice from your chosen plastic surgeon, common sense dictates that you also have to ask yourself if you really want it done or need it. Every patient that visits our clinic for our advice is given a set of questions that will in most cases help them make the right decision.

In our opinion, it is important to ponder these questions before deciding on what to do with your body:

Why am I considering cosmetic surgery?

Any responsible plastic surgeon will tell you that there are many reasons why you should NOT consider cosmetic surgery — there may be other options available. You’ll also be offered advice on the surgical options if you decide to go ahead. If you are weighed down by insecurities about your body, have thoroughly thought through the idea for a considerable period of time, and have considered all the risks that come with the procedure, then chances are you are indeed eligible. On the other hand, if your decision lies in spur of the moment decision making, peer pressure, or the influence of current trends or styles, you might want to rethink.

What can I expect?

Being realistic is crucial when trying to understand what cosmetic surgery can do for you. It can definitely improve your looks, take some weight off places it needn’t be, and make you more confident and composed – there are several key benefits to expect from any procedure. But you should also understand that the results won’t last forever and the aging process will catch up with you eventually. And as with any surgical procedure, there are certain risks involved.

Is this the right time?

Every cosmetic surgery candidate needs to carefully evaluate certain factors in their lives that may be affected by this potentially life-altering decision. Spur of the moment decisions are discouraged, as are all decisions fueled by anger, grief, or based on outside influences. It is only when all things are in the right place and your options have been carefully considered that anyone should go ahead and commit to a procedure.