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No matter how many plastic or cosmetic surgeries you’ve had before liposuction is its own beast. You will want to choose the best liposuction surgeon for you. But how do you do that?

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You don’t want to go into your research already attached to one surgeon or another. Maybe you have been seeing the same plastic surgeon for all your other surgeries. Do not automatically sign up for lipo from him or her just thanks to loyalty. Someone who is great at facelifts and tummy tucks might not be nearly as good at liposuction. Treat anyone you know or have already seen just like any other surgeon when starting the process.

Check for the Proper Certifications and Safeties
Different doctors have different ideas about safety. While there are certain guidelines that must be followed legally, much of liposuction (such as how much fat is safe to take out in one day) is based on personal beliefs and philosophies. Make sure that your surgeon is not only certified in liposuction, but also that you feel safe, secure, and healthy in his or her care.

Get a Variety of Opinions
Always have your eyes and ears open. Talk to your friends who have had lipo and see what they did and didn’t like about their surgeons. Read online internet boards. Ask questions. Talk to other doctors about how they feel about your various choices. Basically, get an opinion from everyone that would have one. If someone has one or two negative reviews, that is one thing, but if a surgeon is consistently getting bad reviews, that is something you should avoid. You should also avoid special marketing hype about a special skill or surgeon.

Meet Them Before You Make a Decision
Before you make any permanent decisions, meet with your potential surgeon face to face. While a doctor might have fantastic reviews and a great price range, the two of you just might not jive in the right way. You want a doctor you can communicate with. Even if everything else looks good, trust your gut. If you have a bad feeling or don’t get along with the surgeon, choose someone else.