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Mommy Makeover in Salt Lake City, UT

The New Year is a time to focus on a new you. If getting your pre-pregnancy body back is high on your wish list, then you should consider a consultation with Dr. Dunkley to discuss the “mommy makeover.”

So what is the mommy makeover? Pregnancy, childbirth and all the hormonal changes that come with it can take a toll on a woman’s body. Loose skin, sagging or “deflated” breasts, and excess fat and skin are just some things that won’t rebound to pre-pregnancy condition, even with a strict diet and exercise.

A mommy makeover allows women to achieve the look they desire with multiple procedures done in one sitting. If you’re interested in the surgery, here are five things to know:

1. A Mommy Makeover Is Tailored To Each Patient

A mommy makeover is a combination of various cosmetic procedures. At Envision, our procedures usually involve a tummy tuck, breast lift/augmentation and liposuction. What you receive depends on your individual needs and desires.

2. You Should Be Done Having Children

Women should wait at least six months after giving birth to their last child before having a mommy makeover. A woman’s body often changes with pregnancy and childbirth, and that can undo all the work you just did if you go through surgery.

3. You Don’t Have To Be A Mom To Have A Mommy Makeover

Often, women who have lost a significant amount of weight but want to address stretched abdominal skin and muscle and sagging breasts make great candidates for this combination of surgeries.

4. You Will Only Have One Recovery Period

One of the biggest reasons that the mommy makeover is growing in popularity is the fact that it offers one recovery period for multiple procedures. The first week will be painful, but having one recovery instead of multiple will be much appreciated in the long run. While you can return to some activity in just a couple weeks, heavy lifting is a no-no for six weeks if you get a tummy tuck.

5. Patients Often Wish They Had The Procedure Years Ago

Women commonly say they wish they had done this life-altering surgery years ago as the changes are dramatic and exciting.

If you’re ready to learn more about Mommy Makeovers and the right combination of procedures for you, call (801) 203-4341 and set up a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Dunkley or one of our specialists.