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A lot of the great advice and information we receive for The Younger You comes from Dr. Benjamin Dunkley of Envision Cosmetic Surgery. You can find out all about Dr. Dunkley and his practice by watching The Younger You, and on his website, but we thought it would be fun to get to know him a little better with these 5 insightful questions:

1. TYY: What do you do to make your patients feel at ease before surgery?

Dr. Dunkley: I try to get my patients to smile or laugh. For instance, if the patient has come in with their husband for a breast augmentation consultation, when I talk about the importance of massaging the breasts after surgery, I will often say, “Husbands are more than happy to assist you with that.”

2. TYY: Tell us about your favorite case, or a time where you really feel like you helped somebody.

Dr. Dunkley: Most of my patients flat out love their results. I frequently hear ,”I am so much more confident,” and, “I should have done this years ago.” I love seeing the difference in my patients’ self image and personality after their surgery.

3. What’s your favorite “Utah” thing to do?

Dr. Dunkley: My favorite thing to do in Utah is SKI!!! Although, I am becoming more & more a fan of the warmth (or I’m just becoming more of a wimp in regards to the cold), and I prefer water skiing over snow skiing now.

4. If you weren’t a surgeon, what would your dream job be?

Dr. Dunkley: If I wasn’t a surgeon my dream job would be an architect. I’d love to design things people could appreciate that would be around long after I’m gone.

5. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Dr Dunkley: I think my biggest pet peeve is kid’s socks on the counters in my home. That may not be what you expected, but my patients and practice are terrific.

Interview by Good4Utah