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Liposuction in Salt Lake City, UTUnlike popular belief, liposuction isn’t designed for individuals who have a lot of weight to lose. Liposuction is a surgery used to target stubborn fat in individuals of a healthy weight. If you have a little bit of excess fat that you can’t get rid of with diet and exercise alone, then you may want to consider getting a surgical procedure like liposuction. By surgically scraping off fat and suctioning it out of your body with a device called a cannula, Dr. Benjamin Dunkley can give you a slimmer physique. One of the most common mistakes we see in our liposuction patients is that they fall back into bad habits after surgery and think they can’t gain any weight back— but that simply isn’t the case. To help you embrace a slimmer body, we have created a list of three foods you should incorporate into your diet after liposuction. Read on to learn more.

Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

Non-fat Greek yogurt doesn’t only make a healthy snack, but it makes a healthy breakfast as well. High in protein and probiotics, Greek yogurt can help you stay fuller for longer (fighting cravings in the process) and regulating your digestive system.


If you eat too many almonds, they may cause bloating, but if you eat just about a small handful a day, you can help maintain a slim body. Packed with protein, almonds will make you stay full for longer, get rid of cravings for things like chips and cookies, and are also delicious in a variety of forms including raw, roasted, slivered, and salted.


Spinach wasn’t Popeye’s favorite food for nothing— it’s packed with enough vitamins and minerals to sustain a healthy body. And because spinach is a nutrient and water packed vegetable, it will give your body the support it needs to maintain a healthy weight.

Having a slender body doesn’t end after liposuction— it still requires some work on your end. If you would like to learn more about how you can maintain your results, contact Dr. Benjamin Dunkley today and schedule an appointment!