Butt Lift Recovery – What Happens After Surgery?

While many people are intrigued by the possibilities offered by a butt lift, there is concern about recovery. After all, there’s no getting around sitting down. Here’s what to expect.

The surgery itself isn’t as major as most people think. In fact, the incision is only about two inches long, so scarring is absolutely minimal. Like all recoveries, a butt lift recovery has stages, the most challenging being the first week or two. During this period it will be pretty hard to sit down for more than about 15 minutes without the pain becoming unsettling, so you will need to allow for plenty of time lying down and standing. It’s perfectly fine to stand and to walk immediately after the surgery, but general mobility and movement will be very limited for two to three weeks.

Three weeks is usually enough recovery time to go back to work, although this depends on the nature of your job. If it is more strenuous, you’ll need at least four weeks before you can return to work.

Six weeks after surgery, most patients will be pain free, though this depends on your health and body type.

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