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Having just filmed the 5th episode of “They Younger You”, I am amazed how differently each patient has reacted to being on camera. The advice we give each patient is just be yourself. I find it amusing to see how nervous people get when the camera is pointed in their direction. The funniest thing is that the mistakes or little display of nerves actually makes the show more real & fun.

When discussing incision locations, underneath verse the peri-areolar location my patient said “I felt more comfortable with the incision underneath the breast than next to the…nipple (very slowly on the last word nipple). Troy said “you can say nipple, this is a show about cosmetic surgery.” We all laughed at that, It made things more relaxed and enjoyable.

Our second episode of “The Younger You” aired last week. Click on our link under “Welcome & The Younger You” to see the last episode.