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Ever look in the mirror and wish for a time machine? Well instead of wishing, do something. Spring in Salt Lake City  brings many individuals to my practice ready for a change. A “mommy makeover” is the way to make those changes.

Children and time make some irreversible changes. Breasts, tummy skin and muscles all suffer and need we mention fat? We think nothing of repairing our homes when damaged – painting walls, general maintenance – yet with our bodies we think differently. Why?

A “mommy makeover” typically involves a tummy tuck with breast surgery, either breast augmentation or a lift, and liposuction. The changes can be impressive. After surgery, women commonly say, “I wish I had done this years ago.”

Come on Utah, see what options are available for you at Envision Cosmetic Surgery. Look in the mirror once again and see the REAL you.