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In the past, few people thought that looking better could improve your health. New information is changing all that. Studies as well as patient comments are highlighting additional benefits of cosmetic surgery. Interested? Read on.

A study checked insulin sensitivity before and after liposuction. Insulin controls our glucose /sugar levels. Insulin resistance leads to diabetes. Losing weight makes us more insulin sensitive decreasing the risk of type-two diabetes. In the study, patients were more insulin sensitive after liposuction even when their weight was the same.

In a plastic surgery journal article, the long lasting benefits from a tummy tuck were discussed. CAT scan’s one year out from surgery confirmed the muscle repair still obvious. Improved core strength from muscle repair led to less chronic low back pain.

Surveys from breast surgery patients have reported an improved “Quality of Life” for years. Something about breasts just makes us happy. And more studies connecting the health benefits of beauty will be forthcoming.

Patients often report healthier habits after cosmetic procedures. Many patients were unmotivated to exercise or too embarrassed. Following their procedures, they hit the gym without reservation. They are more motivated as well. Who wants to spend money on cosmetic surgery and then let themselves go?

A patient recently shared her cholesterol had long been too high despite being on medication. Four months after a tummy tuck, her doctor re-checked her levels and found them to be normal. Her bad cholesterol was better than the average persons.

If you were happier with you, would you make more effort to stay in shape? It seems like common sense. Want to be healthier? Perhaps you should consider cosmetic surgery. Come in for a complimentary consult. Find out what you can do for you.