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Breast Lift in Salt Lake City, UTSagging breasts can be an incredibly troubling problem to have. There is no way to hide the fact that changes have occurred. When your breasts aren’t where they once were, you are vulnerable to a number of myths surrounding this issue. The last thing you want is to spin your wheels on techniques and products that don’t work. Here, we will dive into a few of these myths. Prepare yourself . . . we are debunking them.

Myth: Exercise is the answer to sagging breasts.
We are advocates for healthy eating and exercise to maintain optimal body shape. However, the idea that specific exercises like fly’s and chest presses will resolve the issue of sagging has been circulating far too long. Strengthening the pectoral muscles can add a bit of tone to the chest, but these muscles have nothing to do with that sag. This problem has more to do with laxity in skin and connective tissues.

Myth: Too much bouncing is the cause of breast sag.
Hey, if you love running, jumping on the trampoline with your kids, or killin’ it at your Zumba class, go for it! The ligaments and connective tissue that support the breasts is going to break down as the body changes with age, weight, and hormones. Oh, and let’s not forget that sweet little thing called the Law of Gravity!

Myth: To get lifted, just get implants.
No. We’ll just say it right up front. Breast augmentation is not intended for lifting, but for filling out the breasts. Implants will add volume. If existing tissues are saggy prior to breast augmentation, guess what – the end result will also be somewhat saggy. Sagging breasts are sitting too low on the chest wall. For more perk, tissue needs to be modified to a higher position. It’s that simple.

Simple Steps to a Better Bust Line
Nurturing your breast line takes very little. These tips can help you ward off sagging, but they will not fully prevent it:

  • Wear a well-fitting bra
  • Eat healthy and exercise to maintain a healthy body weight
  • Moisturize the skin on the chest, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Breasts change throughout life. This is inevitable. What isn’t is a life sentence of sagginess. Learn more about breast lift surgery in our Murray, Utah office. Call (801) 268-2650.