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Breast Augmentation in Salt Lake City, UT

The desire to have fuller, larger breasts varies by woman, and there are many reasons why women seek breast augmentation. More than 300,000 breast augmentation surgery are performed in the United States, making it the top cosmetic procedure. Here are the top reasons why women seek this life-changing surgery:

Your breasts have changed shape after pregnancy or significant weight loss. While pregnancy is an experience many women would go through over and over again, childbearing and nursing can do a number on your body. Even weight loss not related to pregnancy can make breasts appear deflated and sag. Implants help restore the youthful volume and improve contours.

Your breasts are not the same size or shape. Trauma, puberty and hormonal changes can cause one breast to be larger than the other. Breast augmentation surgery can help you achieve volume, symmetry and more confidence.

You believe your breasts are too small. Women with abnormally small breasts often are self-conscious of their shape and seek a breast augmentation to help boost confidence and self-image.

You’ve undergone mastectomy surgery. Breast cancer treatment can be a very challenging time for women, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. If you’ve had a single or double mastectomy, breast augmentation can help improve the contour and symmetry of the breasts and help a woman regain femininity.

You want to feel and look younger. The aging process does a number on the body, and sagging is a natural part of that process. Breast augmentation and even a lift can help restore the volume and positioning of the breasts to a more desirable state.

You feel self-conscious when wearing bikinis or form-fitting clothes. Breast augmentation surgery is often referred to as breast enhancement because of the improvements in the shape and contour and the enhanced self-image a woman has after surgery.

Dr. Dunkley offers breast augmentation with implants or with a patient’s own fat. To learn more about this life-changing procedure and if you’re a good candidate, call (801) 203-4341 and set up a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Dunkley or one of our specialists.