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Butt Lift in Salt Lake City, UT“Baby Got Back” may be one of the most well-known songs for no other reason than its embrace of big booty females. And although women are known to get surgeries to enhance their derriere, men are also hopping on this trend with a butt and thigh lift from Dr. Benjamin Dunkley. So, why is this surgery gaining popularity amongst the male population? Let’s take a closer look.

They Want To Look How They Feel

Similar to women, men have a desire to look how they feel. A man in his 50’s may feel like he is in his 30’s but not have the buttocks to show it— leaving him feeling physically deflated and weak. However, with a butt lift, Dr. Benjamin Dunkley can lift the buttocks, so it sits as high as it did when you were in your 20’s.

They Care About Their Image

Even though most men play it cool and wouldn’t dare admit that they are image conscious, they are. As a natural part of being a human, your self-esteem frequently stems from your appearance and having saggy buttocks will make your self-esteem plummet before you can say, “Saggy buns.”

It’s Not About The Big Bum

The type of butt lift that Dr. Benjamin Dunkley performs doesn’t involve adding any volume— which makes it an ideal surgery for men. Men who opt to get this surgery usually do so to help change the shape, symmetry, and position of the buttocks— not the size.

There’s A Competition

If there’s one thing to know about men it’s that they are competitive with one another— just look at the Greeks. And, although men may no longer be sparring each other anymore, they are figuratively sparring for the same seat at the job table which creates the natural desire for older men to want to look younger.

Butt lifts are gaining ground amongst men for more than a few reasons. Schedule your consultation with our Salt Lake City office today!