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If you are seeking a state-of-the-art method of contouring your body, Vaser lipsoselection may be just what you need. Vaser liposelection or ultrasonic liposuction is a new improvement on traditional liposuction by Sound Surgical Technologies LLC available now at Envision Cosmetic Surgery. You may have seen the Vaser on shows such as Dr 90210.

Traditional liposuction is a two step process which involves first putting fluid with medications into the tissue and then removing the fat. This process is effective but traumatic to the tissue resulting in bleeding, bruising, swelling and pain.

Vaser lipselection differs from traditional liposuction in that after the fluid solution has been placed, a probe that emits ultrasonic vibrating energy is placed through the target area. The untrasonic vibrations break the tissue matrix which holds the fat cells in place. By dislodging the fat cells prior to extraction, removal can be accomplished with less trauma, which means less bruising, swelling and pain.

Vaser liposelection or ultrasonic assisted liposuction improves an already effective method of contouring the body. Sound surgical Technologies has used the Vaser to developed high definition liposculpting where muscle definition is enhanced. Dr Dunkley is one of only a few practitioners in Salt Lake City and the state of Utah who offers this revolutionary new service. Come see how the Vaser can change you.