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Breast Augmentation in Salt Lake City, UTYears ago, it was only a select few who could choose to enhance their décolletage with breast augmentation surgery. Today, breast implant surgery is one of the most common and popular plastic surgery procedures in the world.

Are you considering implants? Are you apprehensive because of some things you may have heard about it? Breast augmentation surgery has minimal recovery time and few side-effects and it isn’t as scary as it may sound. If you’re debating whether or not to get implants, it’s important to understand the distinctions between what may be myth and fact. Therefore, to that end, we invite you to consider the following breast augmentation myths:

  • Silicone Implants Are Not Safe. It’s true that during the ‘80s and ‘90s there were problems with silicone implants leaking or breaking. However, with advanced, new technology, silicone implants are safe. At Envision, you have a choice between saline filled or silicone implants, as well as autologous fat transfer enhancement.
  • Larger Breasts Will Make You Look Skinny. It’s true that for some women larger breasts tend to make their waist look smaller. But breast implants won’t make you skinnier. There is only one road to “skinny” and that is adding a healthy diet and exercise routine into your life.
  • Breast Implants Look Fake. One of the biggest myths surrounding breast augmentation surgery is that your breasts will not look natural. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. You will consult with Dr. Dunkley prior to deciding upon implant surgery to help you decide what shape, size and texture of implant would be ideal for your body size and type. Our goal at Envision is for you to look proportionate and natural.
  • Larger Breasts Will Make You (or your significant other) Happy. This is a big one. If you are choosing implant surgery with the hope that it will make you happy, or if you are choosing implants to make your significant other happy, you may want to reconsider. Augmentation surgery can enhance your appearance, that’s true, but it is not guaranteed to give you a happier outlook on life or save your relationship.

Breast augmentation surgery offers choices to compliment every body type. To learn more, we invite you to call to schedule a consultation appointment, today: (801) 268-2650.