Skin Care Products Salt Lake City UT

As we age, our skin loses its youthful glow. Gravity, sun exposure, and other external factors also cause the skin to age. To fight back against time, we turn to skin care products, but with myriad choices, how do you know which to choose? For our Salt Lake City patients, Dr. Dunkley recommends Obagi skin care products, and for makeup to complement the Obagi results, he suggests Colorescience.

What is Obagi?

Skin Care Products Salt Lake City UT

Obagi is among the most popular names in skin care. It is also the choice of physicians the world over for prescription-strength skin care products. Obagi skin care lines have ingredients known to reverse effects of aging and back it up with years of studies.

What can Obagi products do?

As we age, skin cells turn over less frequently and our skin thins. Wrinkles and age spots make their appearance. And day after day the sun keeps taking its toll. Obagi products contain ingredients that thicken the skin, accelerate cell growth, and improve skin quality. Beyond the products themselves, the Obagi systems are unique in that they use prescription strength medicines requiring physician supervision and have scientific studies backing their results.

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Where can I get Obagi products?

Two prescription medications are incorporated into Obagi skin care products, which is why they are only available through a physician. Many doctor owned spa’s or cosmetic oriented practices carry Obagi products. While Obagi products without prescription medicines as part of them can be ordered online, some products are only available through a doctor.

What results can I expect from using Obagi skin care products?

Expect skin imperfections to be corrected at the cellular level. Obagi products don’t simply correct skin problems on the surface; they target the cells, at the root of skin issues. You will go through several stages of skin transformation to get younger skin. The changes are gradual and you may not notice them right away. There is a period where the skin has to adapt and may be red, dry and a little flaky as if you were recovering from a mild sunburn. Once past that stage, the skin positively glows.

How can I complement the improvements on my skin?

Compliment your healthier skin with makeup that will maintain your improvements. Makeup shouldn’t just add color to the face; it should make you say wow and protect also! Colorescience is a mineral-based line that complements Obagi’s skin improvements. Colorescience makeup causes a difference you can see and feel. Every product is easy to use and keeps your skin tone balanced. Sunscreen is built into their makeup to ensure the suns harmful rays never touch your skin. Top off your makeup with a topical eight-hour Botox to reduce eye wrinkles and your friends will really begin to talk. Come see what will work for you.

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