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HCG Weight Loss

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Are you having trouble losing weight? Sometimes, your age and previous habits might be working against you. That’s why Envision Plastic Surgery offers HCG weight loss, providing patients with an effective solution to get results soon. This and other medical spa services are available to residents of Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas of Utah.

HCG Weight Loss in Salt Lake City, UT

What is HCG?

Everyone has heard of HCG supplementation for weight loss. Envision Cosmetic Surgery has offered HCG for years now. Our patients commonly see one-half to two-thirds a pound daily weight loss when on the diet. First used by Dr. Simeon in the 1950’s, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injections are the most effective way I’ve seen to lose weight without surgery.

How is the treatment administered?

Because the oral drops are much less effective, at Envision Cosmetic Surgery only the injections are used. Each patient is given instruction regarding the diet and how to give the doses. While taking HCG, a very strict diet is followed. Three weeks after completing the injections, a regular diet is resumed.

As we age our brain can becomes lazy, tucking fat away, but ignoring those stores when energy is needed. With the aid of HCG injections, the brain starts to find and use these stores again.

Results last best when the third phase of the diet is followed closely. Phase three begins after the last injection at which point sugars and starches are still avoided for three weeks while the body adapts to its new weight.

What is HCG?

HCG is a natural hormone found in pregnant women. It has very few side effects and can be used on men and women. During his life, Dr. Simeon successfully helped thousands of patients lose weight with this technique. Few changes have been made to Dr. Simeon’s protocol despite four decades of new knowledge.

Read the abridged or unabridged explanation of HCG from Dr. Simeon himself. Then when you are ready to begin, come to Envision Cosmetic Surgery for a complimentary consult and begin losing weight.

“Pounds & Inches” By Dr .Simeons – Abridged

“Pounds & Inches” By Dr .Simeons – Unabridged

To get started with HCG weight loss, contact us today at Envision Plastic Surgery. We’ll help you schedule your consultation with Dr. Dunkley so you can start seeing results! We welcome patients from Salt Lake City and the nearby areas of Utah, Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming.