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FaceTite in Salt Lake City, UTUnless you are some sort of superhero, you probably have some visible signs of aging all across the skin on your face. Rather than trying a bunch of skin care products that cost a fortune and give you almost no results, let Dr. Dunkley help give you tighter, more youthful looking skin with one of two procedures: Facetite or a Facelift. So what are the differences?

Will I Need Sedation?

With a facelift, you will have to be under general anesthesia because it’s a surgical procedure. However, with Facetite, we may be able to just numb the skin unless we are doing it in conjunction with some other types of procedures.

How Long Do Results Last?

With a facelift, results are long lasting and will last for years and years to come. Although a  surgical facelift can’t prevent you from aging, it will definitely slow things down so that you show signs of aging a lot later down the line. With FaceTite, results can last for several months or even several years in some instance. Although patients will see visible improvements in how tight and youthful their skin looks and feels, results are typically longer lasting with a surgical face lift.

What Is Recovery Like?

Because a traditional facelift is a surgical procedure, recovery can last several weeks on average. In fact, we typically encourage patients to stay in bed for a couple of weeks in order to fully recovery.

When it comes to Facetite, recovery is a bit faster. On average, we encourage patients to rest at home for 3-4 days and to continue wearing compression bandages for a couple of weeks after.

Here at Dr. Dunkley’s office, we don’t believe that there is one treatment that’s right for everyone, but we have seen a lot of success with bot of these treatments. If you want to learn more about Facetite or a facelift, contact us at our Salt Lake City office and call us at (801) 268-2650.