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Many people are under the mistaken impression that only women get plastic or cosmetic surgery. This is not true. While women do make up the majority of patients, men are becoming more and more likely to have cosmetic surgery at some point in their lives. The advanced technology offered today has opened new doors to both men and women who want to change certain things about their appearance.

There are some types of cosmetic surgery that men are more drawn to. For instance, hair replacement is almost exclusively for men. This is because men have a tendency to become bald long before women do.

Many men do not see losing their hair as a sign of distinction but rather a sign they are getting old. No one likes to be reminded of their age every time they look in the mirror.

Gynecomastia in Salt Lake City, UTA man’s reason for pursuing plastic surgery is the same as a woman’s reason. For both genders, it’s a way to boost self-esteem, to regain lost confidence, and to be proud of their appearance. There are always cases when cosmetic surgery is necessary, treating a deviated septum for instance. But for most people, the reasons are mostly elective.

Other common surgical procedures men elect to have include gynecomastia, rhinoplasty, and facelift surgery. Men are just as annoyed by their sagging facial skin and fine lines and wrinkles as women are, they are just less likely to complain about it. Both men and women are afflicted with crooked noses, big noses, misshapen noses, or bumps on the nose, and both men and women become unsatisfied.

Gynecomastia is a condition that only affects men as it’s defined as the growth of breasts on a male body. The condition can be emotionally devastating.

Men choose to have surgery so that their looks will improve and they will be happier. When people are happier, they lead better lives and are more productive.