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At Envision Cosmetic Surgery I am unwilling to recommend any product that doesn’t have research and staff support allowing recommendation without reservation. Therefore I can say with confidence, Obagi skin care products are phenomenal. Obagi products have two prescription medications in their systems and are available only through a physician.

As we age, insults to our skin accumulate slowing down the cell turnover rate. New cells take longer to form and reach the surface while older cells stay longer. Signs of aging begin including fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone, loss of elasticity and loss of natural skin hydration. Obagi products accelerate cellular turnover and make the skin younger and healthier.

If you have not yet met with a physician to determine which Obagi skin care system is right for you, please come in. I look forward to discussing options and together shaping a plan for you.

As a convenience to our patients, we offer online purchasing:

Obagi Product Pricing

Skin Care Systems
Nu-Derm System (Tretinoin is purchased separately) 
 Large System (18 week)$400
 Small System (6 week)$200
CRx System (Vitamin C based)$300

Specialty Products
Clenziderm M.D. (Acne therapeutic system)$120
Elastiderm Eye Treatment$80
Elastiderm Delolletage (Chest Cream)$195

Tretinoin 0.05%$65
Tretinoin 0.1%$75
Individual Refills
1 Foaming Gel (Cleanser) 6.7 oz$35
2 Toner 6.7 oz$35
3 Clear$90
4 Exfoderm$60
4 Exfoderm Forte$60
5 Blender (Mixed with Tretinoin)$80
6 Healthy skin Protection SPF 35 (sunscreen)$40
Action (Moisturizer)$40
Professional (Vit) C – Serum 20%$95
Professional (Vit) C – Serum 10%$65

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