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Bad skin quality as determined by genetics or significant weight loss can cause the buttock and thigh to sag. When contouring by liposuction and fat grafting are not enough, skin can be removed to lift the bottom and outer thighs for men or women in the Salt Lake City area. When combined with a tummy tuck, these procedures are referred to as a body-lift.

What is a buttock and outer thigh lift?

A buttock and thigh lift is a surgery, which removes extra skin around the waistline. The resulting incision is much like a tummy tuck incision but is located along the top of the buttocks and extends to the hips. The skin over the lower bottom and outer thigh or saddlebag area is freed from the muscle to allow the skin to move up. In Utah, the surgery is usually combined with liposuction to improve skin mobility and overall contour.

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Can an inner thigh lift be done?

An inner thigh lift is possible but Dr. Dunkley separates an inner thigh lift from an outer thigh lift. Two types of inner thigh lifts are possible. When mild lift is needed, a crescent lift is done resulting in an incision located in the crease of the groin. When more lift is needed the resulting incision is located in the groin and on the inside of the leg.

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How do I know if I need a buttock and outer thigh lift?

In many cases the need for a bottom or thigh lift is obvious. At Envision Cosmetic Surgery, a lift is recommended when the skin of the bottom or saddlebag hangs loose and wrinkled. Repeated weight gain and loss are the most common cause of skin sagging. However, skin loses elasticity as we age making time the second most common reason skin sags.

Do you place buttock implants during a buttock lift?

Dr. Dunkley does not place implants during a lift procedure. If more volume is desired, instead of removing the skin and fat from the waistline, only the skin is removed and the fat is left behind. When the skin and fat is freed from lower on the bottom and pulled up, a double layer of fat is created to improve volume.

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What should I expect from a buttock and outer thigh lift?

A buttock and outer thigh lift will lift and tighten the buttock significantly. The outer thighs lift and appear smooth from the mid thigh to the waist. The surgery is performed with the patient completely asleep. You will be moderately sore when you awake and in a compression garment. The surgery is done as an outpatient and you go home that day. Changes will be immediately obvious.

What is the recovery like from a buttock and lateral thigh lift?

Expect to be quite sore for the first 4 days after surgery. Starting day 5 after surgery, you should begin to feel better and better daily. Pain medication will be prescribed though you will not be pain free for 10-14 days. A drain is used to prevent fluid from collecting under the incision site and removed at your 1-week post op appointment. Most patients feel it takes 6-8 weeks to be back to their normal self. You will love the new y

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Body Lift Procedure in Salt Lake City, Utah

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