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This popular butt procedure is performed by Dr. Dunkley in Salt Lake City

Bottoms are for more than just sitting. Who doesn’t want to have a great rear end in jeans? If your bottom is too flat, square or unattractive for some reason, options are available. The butt can be shaped with liposuction and fat grafting or given shape and volume with implants. Butt augmentation can take an ordinary bottom and make it extraordinary.

What is Buttock Augmentation?

Brazilian Butt Lift Salt Lake City

The simplest explanation of butt augmentation is adding volume to the bottom. However, Dr Dunkely offers multiple options for adding volume and often contouring is needed to remove unwanted bulges at the same time. A patient’s own fat can be used to add volume or if even more volume is needed implants can be placed. When contouring with liposuction and fat grafting are performed together, this is referred to as a Brazilian butt lift.

Who is a good candidate for a butt augmentation?

Patients of many ages and sizes will benefit from butt enhancement. Overall good health is important to make sure a patient can tolerate surgery. Body size may influence whether grafting or an implant is chosen. Body size also affects whether an implant is placed under the muscle or over the muscle. The less natural fat a patient has, the more likely the implant would be placed under the muscle. Conversely, the more natural fat a patient has the more likely fat grafting or above the muscle implant placement will work.

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How long do butt implants last?

The goal is for butt implants to last a lifetime. However, time changes everything and many years down the road something may need to be done. Fat grafting is shorter lasting and may need to be done more frequently. Fat is less predictable and when first placed and a portion is absorbed by the body. What fat does survive will last for years.

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Is butt augmentation ever combined with another surgery?

Butt augmentation can be done alone or with another surgery. If a patient carries excess fat above the butt, that dreaded muffin top, then liposuction is encouraged at the time of surgery. Getting a great shape to the butt is difficult if it’s hidden by a bulge above. In addition to liposuction, other minor surgeries could be performed at the same time is desired.

What can I expect from butt augmentation surgery?

YoutubeThe recovery from butt augmentation is moderately difficult. Initially, the biggest concern is preventing infection and promoting healing. Once those hurdles have passed, expect to be extremely excited about your new bottom. Expect to look great in jeans. Expect your significant other to try getting their hands on you much more frequently. Butt augmentation in Salt Lake City is increasingly common and can be performed by an experienced surgeon. Come see your options at Envision Cosmetic Surgery.

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The Younger You – Brazilian Butt Lift

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