Kybella / Chin Fat Treatment

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a unique new treatment available for removing fat under the chin. Undergoing a few small injections of Kybella into the area under the chin can dissolve unwanted fat. Envision Cosmetic Surgery is excited to offer this new treatment to Salt Lake City area residents.

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Is Kybella Safe?

Kybella has been studied extensively. Rigorous investigations have verified its safety and the fact that it works as well. Kybella approval is specifically to improve the appearance of the area under the chin by reducing the fat. As with any treatment there are some side effects such as bruising, soreness and swelling.

What happens when I come for a treatment?

Treatments can be done on your first visit. To schedule a visit, call our office and set up a consult with Dr. Dunkley. As you and the doctor discuss your goals, together you can determine if Kybella is right for you. If appropriate, the neck is marked and a series of injections are spread evenly over the target area. Mild soreness is sometimes experienced immediately after the injections.

What is the recovery from Kbybella like?

Dr. Dunkley has noticed immediately after the injections, the neck can be a little red and sore. For the fist three days swelling occurs. The neck improves over a 4-8 week period with the final results visible after 8 weeks.

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How Many treatments of Kybella are needed?

Since Kybella kills only some of the fat cells with each injection, more than one injection is typically recommended. Incremental improvements are seen with each treatment done. Optimal results are seen after two to four rounds of injections depending on the degree of improvement needed.

Why isn’t everyone getting Kybella injections?

As awareness of Kybella in the Salt Lake City area continues to increase, more and more patients have come requesting Kybella. Cost can be a concern. However, the cost is less than that of liposuction or cool sculpting, two common procedures that treat fat. Also Kybella injections do not require a recovery period like surgery does.

How Can I get started on Kybella Treatments?

To begin your Kybella treatments and to end the double chin, call Dr. Dunkley’s office and schedule a complimentary consult. The staff at Envision Cosmetic Surgery is knowledgeable and can answer any and all questions you may have. Come find out how easy it is to enjoy your mirror again.

Envision Cosmetic Surgery proudly serves the Salt Lake City and Murray, UT area with Kybella treatments. For more information call (801) 268-2650 or fill out our contact form.

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