Plastic Surgery for Men Salt Lake City

Cosmetic Surgery for Men

The idea that cosmetic surgery is only for women has changed. An ever-increasing number of men are seen in our office. The options available are many and varied. The following outlines the most common treatments men seek at Envision Cosmetic Surgery. Many before and after pictures show results for men who have sought our services as well. Be sure to take a look.

Surgical Treatments

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People rarely think twice when it comes to maintenance on a house or car, but with our bodies our perception is different. However, our bodies need upkeep as well. More and more men are taking advantage of the chance to look and feel younger through surgical or noon-surgical treatments. The most common surgical treatments men seek are liposuction, gynecomastia surgery (removal of unwanted breast tissue), rhinoplasty (nose surgery), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and facelifts.

As we age it becomes increasingly difficult to rid ourselves of unwanted fat. Despite spending hours at the gym our bodies betray us, retaining unneeded excess. Liposuction, and especially our new Smartlipo, can contour the waistline that the treadmill leaves behind. Under “newest technology” learn the scoop on Smartlipo.

The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but they often are the first area to show signs of aging as well. If the upper eyelid skin is sagging or the lower lids have unsightly bulges, eyelid surgery may be just what you need. Look younger and well rested with no one the wiser in a short week or two.

Many famous actors have very distinctive noses. For them it works, but a crooked nose or having a hump isn’t for everyone. Surprisingly, as surgeries go, nose surgery isn’t painful. You will bruise a little, but suddenly you won’t mind looking at your profile in photographs.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Non-surgical treatments include Botox, laser hair removal, skin care regimes and injectable fillers. Non-surgical treatments are aimed at rapid recovery and more subtle changes. Wrinkle reduction, improved skin quality, less unwanted hair and a more relaxed appearance are the goals.

Do people ask you ‘are you angry’? Vertical lines between the eyebrows give the wrong impression. All wrinkles are the result of muscle contraction. With decreased muscle contraction and time, wrinkles grow fainter. Botox hinders muscle movement helping you look younger with time instead of older.

Far and away the most common reason for men to walk in our door is for laser hair removal. “Man-scaping,” popularized by TV, has led to an explosion of interest in hair removal. The neck (front and back), chest, arms back and groin are frequently treated. Because hair grows in cycles typically six or more treatments are necessary. Who needs hair on their back? No one! Next time you’re at the pool be completely confident when you take your shirt off.

Skin care programs can reverse the effects of sun damage and aging. Vitamin A derivatives especially can thicken the dermis resulting in healthier, younger looking skin. As a male myself, at first the idea of putting something on my skin each evening was foreign. However, if a simple nightly cream can keep me looking 30 at 40, or 40 at 50, I decided the time was worth it.

Lastly many fillers are available for placement under wrinkles or other places on the face where volume is lost. Common places to inject are the hollows under the eye. Called the tear-trough, placing a small amount of filler in the transition zone between the eyelid and the cheek gives a more youthful appearance. The parenthesis lines around the mouth also respond well to fillers.

Though certainly not an exhaustive list, this does mention the most common treatments sought by men. If you have questions that weren’t covered, please feel free to contact us. The “Ask the Doctor” link allows you to ask any question you would like. Come give us a visit at Envision Cosmetic Surgery

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