Fat Transfer Salt Lake City, UT

Use your body’s own fat to look your best with a fat transfer in Salt Lake City

Fat Transfer Salt Lake City

Dermal fillers work great, but don’t stick around as long as some patients desire. For patients wanting a longer lasting substitute for fillers, a fat transfer or fat graft is the answer. At Envision Cosmetic Surgery, fat transfer can be used in many areas to improve contour and overall appearance. Fat can be grafted to the face in areas where dermal fillers are used.

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What is a fat transfer?

Fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, is a way to put volume in places that need it. In the face, fat grafting restores youthful contours. To get fat, liposuction is performed in another area of the body. Common donor sites include the love handles, abdomen or thighs. After removing the fluid, harvested fat is loaded into syringes and injected into the areas that need rejuvenation. It’s a great alternative for patients who are not ready for more invasive surgical options like breast or buttock implants or a facelift.

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What Areas can a fat Graft treat?

A Fat graft can fill any spot where volume would be beneficial. For the face, fat is used to plump the cheeks, under-eyes, chin, smile lines and the lips. Fat injections correct areas of the face that have sunken and creased with time. Full round cheeks are a hallmark of youth frequently lost to father time. Scars are usually noticeable because of irregularities. Putting fat under scars can reduce their appearance. Hand rejuvenation, implant rippling, sagging buttocks and more all respond well to added volume from fat.  In addition to getting the benefits of liposuction, results are more permanent when compared with synthetic fillers.

What can i expect during my initial consultation?

Fat Grafting in Salt Lake City UT.

During your initial consultation, your goals and expectations for the procedure will be discussed and evaluated. Dr. Dunkley will evaluate you to determine if you are a good candidate for fat grafting. We review information such as your medical history, smoking habits, and current medications or supplements to ensure nothing will interfere with your results.

How should I prepare for my fat transfer appointment?

Dr. Dunkley advises his patients to quit smoking four weeks prior to a fat grafting procedure to promote fat survival. You will be advised to discontinue the use of certain medications, such as aspirin, NSAIDs, and supplements that can increase your risk for bleeding during fat transfer. Avoid clothes that need to be pulled over your head the day of surgery. You will need to arrange for someone to take you home and stay with you the first day after your procedure.

what to expect after a fat Graft

Initially the areas where fat is placed bruises and swells. Not all the fat will survive as a blood supply needs be established. Where the fat is placed usually hurts very little. The bruising, swelling and pain may be more noticeable where liposuction was performed. Within three to four weeks final results will be visible. Whatever fat survives is yours for many years. Fuller lips, a rounder bottom or suddenly having no rippling from breast implants, thrills patients, boosting confidence and self satisfaction.

Envision Cosmetic Surgery proudly provides patients in the Murray and Salt Lake City area with fat transfer procedures. For more information call (801) 268-2650 or fill out our contact form.

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