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Brow Lift Salt Lake CityWith time it seems everything sags. When the eyebrows droop, the forehead may suddenly seem heavy. When looking in the mirror, you may notice you look tired as well. To reduce the years and fatigued appearance, a brow lift may be the solution.

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift does just what it says, it raises the eyebrows. The skin of the forehead is removed or loosened and repositioned in a higher location to elevate the eyebrows. Multiple methods are available.

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How are brow lifts done?

There are multiple methods for raising the brow. A direct brow makes an incision directly above the eyebrow on the forehead. The incision ends up next to the eyebrow but in a more visible location.

An endoscopic brow lift makes incisions behind the hairline and then frees the skin of the forehead to reposition it higher on the forehead. Incisions behind the hairline hide better.

Another more minor brow lift can be done through a blepharoplasty incision. Dr Dunkley prefers incision behind the hairline for his patients in Salt Lake City. Men wanting a brow lift are challenging as when the hair is lost, even incisions once in the hair may show.

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What happens during a Brow lift?

The day of surgery, you meet with Dr Dunkley and his surgical team. Once in the OR, an IV is started and medicines are given to relax you. Injections are placed into the incision sites and under the forehead skin to numbing the area. The forehead skin is separated from the underlying structures and moved higher. After fixing the skin in its new location, the incisions are closed. You awake fully in the recovery room.

Who is a good candidate for a brow lift?

Anyone unhappy with the appearance of their eyes as a result of the brow being too low is a good candidate for eyelid surgery. Patient’s need to be in good overall health or get clearance for surgery from their regular physician.

What can I expect after my brow lift?

Recovery from a brow lift is not painful though as with any facial surgery bruising and swelling are common. As a result of gravity, often the bruising settles below the eyes. Dr. Dunkley advises his patients to keep the surgical area clean and apply ice the day of surgery. Bruising may persist for 2-3 weeks. Often the forehead is numb after surgery. Within a week normal activities are fine. The changes from a brow lift are immediately obvious and fun.

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