VaserShape Salt Lake City, UT

Nobody wants loose, sagging skin. Unfortunately as we age, that’s what we get. At Envision Cosmetic Surgery,  Dr. Dunkley can help you fight the passage of time with a skin tightening device – VaserShape.

Vasershape Salt Lake City UT

What causes loose skin?

Tight smooth skin comes from the interaction between elastin and collagen fibers in the skin. Aging naturally decreases the skin’s elastin concentration. When elastin decreases, that smooth tight skin begins to loosen and sag.

Significant weight gain & loss as well as pregnancy also causes the skin to droop and sag.

What is involved with Vasershape treatments?

VaserShape uses ultrasound energy to affect the skin and surrounding tissues. Ultrasound waves emitted from the hand piece warm the skin. Energy waves are emitted from two directions. Where they cross paths under the skin surface maximum heat is generated. VaserShape is used anywhere below the neck to improve the skin.

How does VaserShape tighten the skin?

Using ultrasound energy technology, the skin and superficial tissues are heated to a depth of 1 cm. The primary result is heat generation. When sufficiently warm, proteins in the skin change shape and the body reacts as if injured. The reaction to injury is to contract or tighten the damaged spot and deposit new collagen, thickening and improving skin quality.

What happens during a VaserShape treatment?

Treatments are similar to laser hair removal with the exception that gel is applied to the target area. In a private room, the device is placed on the skin and moved as the ultrasound energy waves go to work. The skin is warmed to 45 degrees Celsius and held there for ten to fifteen minutes. Each treatment can take 30 minutes to an hour.  Dr. Dunkley recommends one treatment a week for five weeks to get the best results. Patients often notice significant differences even after their first treatment.

Will there be pain during my VaserShape treatment?

When asked how treatments feel, patients compare it to a warm massage, comfortable throughout. There is no recovery time. You may return immediately to your normal activities. Don’t ice the treatment areas or resume cold outdoor activities as the longer the skin stays warm the better.