Real Patient Perspectives

Dr Dunkley & Staff,

I had been searching plastic surgery for a couple months since I wanted liposuction for my abdomen. When I heard a commercial of a certain franchise, I decided to give them a call. I went in for a consultation where they informed me of the procedure details. My plan was treat my whole stomach, which I considered the upper and lower abdomen and sides. They told me that they don’t put people asleep for surgery, but that it doesn’t hurt to get numbed. Since it cost less than everywhere else (or so I thought until I found out what an “area” consists of) I was sold pretty quickly on the idea.

I scheduled surgery while at my consult and couldn’t wait. The day of my surgery they loaded me up with anti-anxiety medication and started the numbing process. It was bad. It felt like someone was taking a stake knife and cutting my stomach open over and over. I was screaming because the pain was so intense. I was told in a rude manner, “If you can’t handle this we can stop..”.

I had been waiting for that surgery and wanted it badly. So I said don’t stop and continued to sob while they went on with the numbing process. Even after that, I felt everything they were doing to my body. Eventually, I think I semi passed out from the pain. Even then, I could still feel what was happening.

I still have nightmares about that traumatizing experience. I would never do it again. On top of the pain and the very rude staff, 6 months later, my stomach had lumps and bumps all over.

I got many opinions on it, only to find out that surgery was needed to fix the problem. I went to Dr. Dunkley because of a referral from a family member. He, of course, confirmed that I needed surgery to improve the abdomen.

I had the surgery to fix my lumpy stomach. A few weeks after surgery, my stomach already looks 10 times better than it did 6 months after my procedure at the other franchise. I was very moved by their compassion, kindness, and empathy. They felt bad about the horrible nightmare I had before and made an every effort to make my experience better.

I would recommend Dr. Dunkley to anyone and everyone considering plastic surgery. I personally won’t go to anyone else.


Dear Dr. Dunkley & Staff,

I want to thank you for taking such good care of me during my surgery a few days ago & for helping me to achieve a life-long goal of mine…natural-looking & feeling breasts.

I am so thrilled with my results that I have been recommending your practice to several friends & family members. As a nurse myself, I understand the intricacies of patient care & also surgery. I appreciate your professionalism & skill that you all displayed. I always felt that I was in capable hands.

So thanks again for keeping my oxygen saturation >90% & my blood pressure stable while I was put out, & of course for giving me outstanding results!!



Dear Dr. Dunkley and Staff,

Wow!! What a body transformation!! I cannot believe the changes already and they are fantastic. I’m so excited to see what happens over the next couple of months.

I just wanted to thank you & your staff for doing a great job and for helping me feel so comfortable on the day of my surgery!!!

You deserve all the praises that I read about while doing my research!! Thank you again & see you in two weeks



Dr Dunkley,

I wanted to write and thank you again for handling my surgery so quickly and for your care & concern following the surgery. You’ve helped put my mind at ease.

Everyone in your office has been great making the whole process a good experience! I want to thank them as well.

Everything appears to be progressing well & with each passing day I am more happy with the results & glad I elected to have the augmentation!

Thanks again for your efforts and care. I will see you next month at the follow-up.



Dear Dr Dunkley

You and your staff are absolutely amazing!! I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the procedure you did for me. I look so good!

I am a single mom of 3 amazing kids and don’t receive any help. Therefore what you did for me I truly take to heart and will never forget your generosity.

Thanks again for your care and the amazing results.


Dear Dr Dunkley,

I just wanted to thank you for the work you did. I couldn’t be happier with my results.

The improved confidence is truly amazing. I feel better in clothing than I ever have. I am happier with myself than I have been in a long time. Even my libido has improved.

Thanks for everything,


Hello Dr Dunkley,

I am extremely pleased with the results of my procedure and found the experience to be quite pleasant. I will admit I was nervous & anxious about everything but you, your staff and everyone involve were all very patient and empathetic.

I truly appreciated your candor, as I would have been too modest and ultimately disappointed by not going big enough.  However, they are perfect. I have only experienced a couple episodes of real pain. It is like magic.

Thank you so, so much,


Dear Dr & Staff,

Thank you, all of you for making me feel so comfortable through this whole process. You are amazing people. I look forward to working with you in the future for a tummy tuck.

I am so pleased with my results. I can’t wait to see my final result. Words can not express how extremely grateful I am. I hope this letter and little goodie helps!

Enjoy & Thanks you,


Dr Dunkley,

I just want to thank you for all the good care that you gave my sister during her surgery. I realize she is quite difficult at times to deal with. It’s just hard for her not to be in control of all situations.

I thank you for getting through my surgery without any complications. I look forward to enjoying the arms I have always dreamed about. Thanks again.



Prospective Patients,

I had gauged ears. When I was younger I never thought of the repercussions of having this type of look and how it would impact my future. Now being 27 and looking to become a dentist; I wanted to leave the rebel look behind. I found the only surgeon in SLC that had pictures of this procedure done and I emailed him. To my surprise Dr. Dunkley responded to my email quickly, which surprised me because all the other places I emailed led to responses from receptionists.

We met. I wanted the procedure done immediately, which was no problem. I had the surgery within the week. The recovery was short and sweet and the whole process almost painless. If you are looking to have cosmetic surgery done I strongly recommend you go to Envision Cosmetic Surgery.



I have struggled with my skin for the last 10 years, all through my 20’s and into my 30’s. Dr Dunkley gave me a new Obagi skin care program that got rid of all the dead layers of skin, removed color spots and old acne scars. My skin has completely cleared up. It is gorgeous & radiant. I completely love it. I don’t feel self-conscious without makeup and use just a powder not a base. It is heavenly! And on top of that I got Botox. What a difference! I used to have a crease that ran across the length of my forehead and it was deep. Not anymore! Completely gone. And I hope to never see it again. It is utterly delightful to look in the mirror when you see clear smooth beautiful skin. What more could a girl want?


Hi Dr D,

It’s been almost two years since I did my surgery and I am still so happy with my results!! When people compliment my looks, I share my secret that Dr Dunkley was the one that did it! Two of my friends have come to you also. They are very happy as well. Thank you! And thanks to your staff too. Best regards.


Dear Sweet Envision Family~

How will I ever find the right words to show all my great appreciation for everything that you all did for me during my short and sweet stay there at your beautiful office?  Or should I say your beautiful “Home” because Envision Surgery Center wasn’t just any old ordinary Dr.’s office if you ask me.

For me, Envision was just as comfortable as walking into my own family’s warm and welcoming home and being greeted by all my own loving and caring sisters. You ladies have a really wonderful way of making people feel welcome.

Envision was nothing at all similar to my previous experience with my previous surgeon and his surgery center, which was very professional, but lacking the warmth and comfort that your office holds.

Your girls made me feel really at ease. I felt like I could ask them any strange question (And I’m sure I did) they always took me seriously and gave me a full detailed answer. I never felt embarrassed or uncomfortable.

The day before surgery I felt way more comfortable after talking to Christy about the surgery process (I hope that’s her name) ‘cus she did a really good job at explaining the safety of everything you would be doing during surgery and what protocol they would do if anything were to ever happen. It really made me feel like I was going to be in good hands and that I would survive this wonderful Anastasia that I was so afraid of. It ended up being a lot more silly than scary. It’s extremely fascinating. Anyhow, the way she explained thing to me so well allowed me to sleep better the night before surgery.

Okay, so I know I had met another lady, but I apologize that I do not remember her name because of the medication I was given. However, I do know she was very thorough and friendly as well. I had talked to her right before I went into surgery and I’m not sure if that was the same girl. Tammy, I talked to over the phone or not. I kind of got some of the ladies mixed up. They were all wonderful.

I have to say that Tecia was also a lot of help for me during our consultation. She went out of her way to show me as much detailed information as possible when helping me make my decision on size and that meant a lot to me because nobody did that for me during my consultation with the previous surgeon. It really made me know that you guys cared about what I was doing to my body and that I wasn’t just paycheck.

One of the first things you ever did that made me feel safe was that you were honest about me not getting the liposuction because it was kind of silly of me to have an unnecessary surgery. That advice made me fell like I could really trust you as my doctor in not letting me do something I wasn’t educated about.

Unfortunately, the only thing I do regret is not listening to you when you had suggested I get the 600cc implants. Dang! It’s my own fault, you were right. They were  exactly what I should have gone with. (Always listen to your doctor.) Either way, I really love my new implants because they are bigger&better, most importantly, the revision came in for, was exactly what I wanted. You did an excellent job. I no longer have a shy boob that hides in my armpit when I lay down!

SO, to sum things up, one can be professional all day long, but it can never compare to when someone treats you like family. It meant a lot to me that the girls were up-close and personal and that you care about your patients in such detail.

Dr. Dunkley, you are a great doctor and you do outstanding work and you couldn’t have picked a better team. There is no doubt that you will be the first person I call when I’m ready for those 600’s…. or better yet those 650’s. I shall see you all on my next check-up.

Thank you for all your hard work and early mornings


Dear Dr. Dunkley and Staff,

Thank you all so much for making me so comfortable during my surgery. You were all so nice! I’d definitely recommend Envision to anybody looking for a new look or considering plastic surgery I love how I look now. You guys are awesome and did an amazing job.

Thank you!


Dr. Dunkley,

Words can’t describe what a change you have made in my confidence. I didn’t expect a cosmetic procedure to also change me on the inside. Thank you for doing such an excellent job and making me feel comfortable at your office.

Best regards,


To Everyone at Envision,

I wanted to express the gratitude I have for all of you! You helped me feel comfortable and at ease every time I visited. You all are a large part of why I chose to have my procedure done at your facility.

Thanks so much,