If you are seeking a cutting-edge, highly effective method to contour your body, Smartlipo laser is for you. Smartlipo or laser liposuction is a new improvement on traditional liposuction by Cynosure Inc. available now in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Traditional liposuction involves putting fluid with medication into the tissue and then removing the fat. This process is effective but traumatic to the tissue resulting in bleeding, swelling, bruising and pain.

Smartlipo differs in that after the fluid has been placed a laser is used to liquefy fat deposits. The ruptured fat cells and resulting oily liquid substance are then removed through a tiny incision in the skin. The laser also seals blood vessels. Overall there is less bleeding and trauma to the removal. This means faster recovery and results that are visible in days instead of weeks.

Heat generated by the laser creates additional skin tightening not seen with traditional liposuction. Smartlipo may also be performed under local anesthesia, although some patients still choose to be asleep. Smartlipo works best for smaller areas and when skin tightening is desired.

Smartlipo or laser assisted liposuction improves an already effective method of contouring the body. Dr Dunkley is one of only a few practitioners in Salt Lake City area offering this revolutionary new service and trains other physicians in Utah on its use. Come see what Smartlipo can do for you!

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